Workers' Comp Overview: FREE GUIDE

Do You Understand Employee Eligibility When It Comes To Workers' Compensation?

We can help. OMS does more than payroll. We strive to keep our customers informed and aware of federal laws and updates. OMS PEO has an optional Workers' Comp plan built into the platform. Take this opportunity to download and preview our 4-page compliance update concerning Florida Workers' Compensation.

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Who's Covered?

The Florida Workers' Compensation Law does cover most employees in the state, but what's the criteria?

Independent Contractors

What criteria determines if they are covered or not?

Who's Not?

It's good to know when coverage is not extended to certain individuals connected to your organization.

Can Someone Be Disqualified

What factors can disqualify an employee from receiving or continuing benefits. 


What are compensable conditions? Are all claims based on relevant medical findings?

Employee Responsibilities

What are the employee responsibilities when it comes to workers' compensation?