PEO Comparative Analysis: FREE REPORT

How did PEO customers fare during Covid-19 and beyond?

This 10-page analysis takes a look at the health and reaction of PEO customers during Covid-19. How does your organization compare? Get insights into the many ways a PEO supports and assists its small businesses, especially during a difficult season. 

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119% More Likely

Small businesses that use a PEO were 119% more likely to have received PPP loans.

60% Less Likely

Overall, PEO customers were 60% less likely to have permanently closed.

72% More Likely

They were also 72% more likely to have received PPP loans in Round 1.

98% Accepted

PPP loan applications were successfully accepted for 98% of all PEO customers

91% Less Likely

These same organizations were 91% less likely to remain temporarily closed for an extended period of time.

Helping Small Business

Helping their clients navigate the COVID-19 legislation has been one of the finest hours for PEO companies.